Paul Abella's Questionable Decisions

Paul Abella's Questionable Decisions is  an exciting five piece ensemble from Chicago that could be referred to as “avant-garde jazz for the masses.” Their sound is fueled by Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Funk rhythms, Punk ferocity, a love for the music of Pharoah Sanders, Ornette Coleman and James “Blood” Ulmer and the belief that Jazz is subversive party music.

They might also be the only band ever to have successfully played tributes to Morphine, The Velvet Underground and Sonny Sharrock, with a Fugazi set coming soon.

They recorded an album's worth of material in the summer of 2023, and they hope to share it with you in the near future.


Alex Wing: guitar
Michael Levin: woodwinds
Preyas Roy: vibraphone
Chris Bernhardt: bass
Paul Abella: cajon