So, hey, you've found the website for Paul Abella's various voice and musical endeavors. Welcome!


There's a new section up dedicated to my voice work. If your business needs a voice for its web, radio or TV presence, I'd be happy to talk about my services and how I can help you.


Take a look around...listen to some music, watch a video or two, make plans to come to a show. I can't wait to see you!


Please note: this bandcamp album over to the right features music that would go on to be played by Paul Abella's Questionable Decisions. If you're looking for music from The Paul Abella Trio or Paul Abella Has Friends? That's coming soon. Please, be patient, or just give one (or all three) of my bands lots of money because you're just generous.


If you want me to stay in touch, please, feel free to join our email list or drop us a line! 

See you soon!

- Paul

Revisionist History

The Paul Abella Trio

a collection of tracks from our first two albums, "mainstreamism" and "A Change in Plans," which are both long out of print, and five selections from sessions in April of 2022.
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